Our Services


Our team offers comprehensive design services for facilities and testing lines, ensuring efficient layout and integration of clinical and laboratory equipment. By leveraging our expertise, clients can optimize space utilization and create an environment conducive to high-performance testing and analysis. Whether it’s a new facility or an existing space that requires reconfiguration, our team is dedicated to delivering tailored design solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.


In addition to installation, we place a strong emphasis on quality control (QC) to guarantee the optimal functionality and performance of the equipment. Our rigorous QC measures involve thorough testing and inspection to ensure that each unit operates at peak efficiency and accuracy. This meticulous approach not only ensures compliance with quality standards but also instills confidence in our clients, assuring them that their equipment will consistently deliver reliable results.


We provide tailored training programmes for users to ensure proper understanding and operation of clinical and laboratory equipment.

By investing in our training programmes, clients can foster a culture of proficiency and efficiency within their teams, ultimately maximizing the value and performance of their equipment.


We offer ongoing maintenance services and technical support to ensure the continued functionality and reliability of all equipment. Our calibration services ensure that all equipment is accurately calibrated to maintain precision and reliability in testing and analysis.

 Our team is dedicated to provide timely assistance and address any issues that may arise.

Exomedica offers products and kits for life science research, including molecular biology, immunology, cell analysis, and proteomics. We also provide laboratory chemicals and labware, as well as general-use and educational equipment.

Exomedica offers reagents, kits, and instruments for clinical laboratory diagnostics, including clinical chemistry, hematology, and immunohematology. We also provide solutions for molecular diagnostics, cytogenetics, immunology, and serology, as well as microbiology, medical pathology, cytology, and sample collection, preparation, and storage.

Exomedica offers kits for preclinical research: drug discovery, animal care systems, anaesthesia systems, imaging platforms, and imaging agents.

Exomedica provides kits and instruments for industrial researchers, covering microbiological testing, QC testing, general laboratory equipment, upstream and downstream processes, as well as chemicals and reagents.

We provide vital tools commonly used in hospitals for various medical procedures. From diagnostic equipment to surgical instruments, our range of products supports the diverse needs of medical professionals in delivering quality care to patients.

We providing highly functional and high-quality laboratory chemicals, specialty chemicals, and clinical diagnostic reagents based on advanced technological development provided by a general chemical manufacturer.